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Pediatric Chiropractic at
Well of Life Chiropractic

Pediatric chiropractic care is a broad category, including newborns all the way up through teens. When a child’s nervous system works as it should, the rest of their body can function at a higher level as well, resulting in better overall health so they can adapt to all of the stress of growing up.

Our Approach to Care

Dr. Charlie specializes in care for kiddos and has advanced training and education in pediatric chiropractic. His goal is for Well of Life Chiropractic to be known as the place to bring your kids for optimal health.

Many chiropractors adjust children. However, Dr. Charlie’s primary focus is on creating the best possible health foundation for kids. All medical doctors can treat babies, but we take babies to pediatricians because they’re specially trained to take care of them. In the same way, a chiropractor who is trained in pediatrics has the education and expertise to provide the specialized care kids need.

We use safe, gentle adjusting techniques that are tailored to your child’s particular needs. With newborns and infants, we’re assessing to make sure they’re eating, sleeping and pooping as they should, that their primitive reflexes are working, and that they’re hitting their milestones. As kids get older, we are looking at aches, pains or injuries from playing sports, growing pains, behavioral issues like ADD/ADHD, anxiety and any other stressors in life.

Doctor talking to boy

What to Expect

We have a play area for kids, where they can relax and get comfortable. Dr. Charlie will talk with you about your child’s health, and then he’ll conduct painless, non-invasive INSiGHT™ scans—he can even scan your kiddo while they’re playing.

He’ll check their reflexes and nervous system and explain everything he finds. Then he’ll do a gentle adjustment however your child prefers it. It can be on the table, on your lap, on the floor—we let them set the tone and make a game of it. Within a couple of adjustments, even the most hesitant child loves racing in to be the first one on the table.

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