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Pregnancy Chiropractic at Well of Life Chiropractic

Adjusting pregnant womanWhile your body is designed to grow and give birth to a small human, there are many moving parts that go into that process. Your body is changing at a rapid pace, and misalignments in the spine and pelvis can lead to discomfort for you, as well as tension in your nervous system, which can also affect your baby.

Chiropractic care locates areas of misalignment and corrects them, restoring proper movement in your pelvis and low back. When these areas are free of tension, your body can change and adapt, as well as support your baby’s growth and development. And when your nervous system is functioning as it should, it may allow for a quicker and easier birth process. Many studies confirm that women who receive regular chiropractic care during pregnancy have easier labors and shorter delivery times, with fewer interventions, than women who don’t get adjusted.1

At Well of Life Chiropractic, we specialize in prenatal care. Dr. Charlie is certified in the Webster Technique and has advanced education and training working with pregnant women.

Our Approach

Dr. Charlie uses the Webster Technique to analyze and address the pelvis and sacrum. He utilizes gentle adjustments, with no torquing or twisting, and we have special tables and pregnancy pillows that allow you to lie facedown comfortably and safely.

We recommend weekly adjustments to keep your body functioning at its best. Everything you experience while you’re pregnant is passed onto your baby. We want to ensure minimal tension in your nervous system, so that Baby can develop optimally and get into the best position for birth.

As you get closer to your delivery day, we’ll increase your visits to 2-3 per week, to keep your pelvis balanced and aligned.

Adjusting pregnant woman's neck

Make Yourself at Home

Many of our pregnant practice members already have older children, and we encourage moms to bring their kids to their appointments. We have a play area, and there are often other children here (including Dr. Charlie’s kids) that your children can have fun with while you get your adjustments.

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1: Borggren CL. Pregnancy and chiropractic: a narrative review of the literature. J Chiropr Med. 2007 Jun;6(2):70-4. doi: 10.1016/j.jcme.2007.04.004. PMID: 19674697; PMCID: PMC2647084.

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