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Chiropractor with patients

Optimize Your Family’s Health at Well of Life Chiropractic

At Well of Life Chiropractic, we provide a nurturing space for moms, kids and entire families to get the care they need to thrive. Lubbock chiropractor Dr. Charlie Snider is committed to helping every person we see flourish and get the most out of life through a properly functioning nervous system. Rather than focusing on pain and chasing symptoms, we strive to educate practice members about their innate ability to create optimal health from within when nervous system interference is removed.

Our practice looks like a house and has a homey, welcoming vibe that puts the littles at ease—we’re nothing like a scary medical office. We have a nursing area and a kids’ play area, so everyone can relax and feel comfortable just being themselves. It’s our mission to support you on your health journey and in achieving your life goals.

Many of our practice members become friendly with one another after meeting in our office, and this has created a community of like-minded people. Kids love coming to the office and playing with their friends in the play area!